Uncompromising cryopreservation 

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A natural, carbohydrate-based cryoprotective agent that is effective and safe without compromising functionality
Why Pentahibe?
PentaHibe protects and preserves cells during cryopreservation without compromising functionality with its natural extracellular carbohydrate-based cryoprotective agent, pentaisomaltose.

High cell recovery and viability

PentaHibe used as sole cryoprotective agent (CPA), either completely avoiding the use of DMSO or mixed with minimum concentrations of DMSO — depending on the cell type — demonstrates high recovery and viability and specifically higher recovery rates than cryopreservation solutions using 10% DMSO.

Preserved functionality across various cell types

PentaHibe with no or minimum concentrations of DMSO has been tested on hematopoietic stem cells, human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC), T cells and CHO cells, consistently demonstrating comparable or improved functionality.

Clinical application potential

The non-toxic nature of pentaisomaltose — our patented non-permeating cryoprotective agent which breaks down into glucose and water in the body — is supported by expert toxicity report in both humans and various animal species. This positions PentaHibe as a less toxic alternative for cryopreservation, opening up its potential for broader clinical applications in cell therapies.

Strong safety profile

PentaHibe is biocompatible, sterile, free of animal components, and low endotoxin. This enhances experimental integrity, supports consistent and reliable results while meeting safety and quality standards.

Biocompatibility and excretion

PentaHibe is well-tolerated in humans, degrading into glucose and water in the body. It is rapidly and completely excreted via glomerular filtration, producing no harmful metabolites — unlike DMSO.

Mitigate the risks of DMSO-related toxicity

PentaHibe reduces or eliminates the need for DMSO to just 1-2%, significantly decreasing DMSO toxicity-related issues such as "cellular toxicity, alterations in cellular epigenetic states, and patient-related side effects, including cardiac or respiratory arrest, neurotoxicity, and epileptic seizures.1"

1 Svalgaard JD et al. Transplantation and Cellular Engineering, 2016 May; Vol 56(5): 1088-1095

Full documentation

PentaHibe is supported by all the quality assurance documentation you need for regulatory approval, such as batch certifications, stability studies, expert toxicity report, and US Drug Master files (DMF).

cGMP compliant

PentaHibe is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in a cGMP manufacturing facility to assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Additionally, Pharmacosmos carbohydrates are incorporated into several FDA-approved small-molecule drugs and biologics.

Ready from development to commercial scale

With PentaHibe, you have the documented quality you need to smoothly transition from research and development to clinical testing and full-scale manufacturing. We have the ability to deliver quantities ranging from 1 gram to tons.

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PentaHibe is available in a number of formulations to suit your needs.
Ready-to-use cryopreservation medium with 10% pentaisomaltose and just 2% DMSO  
DMSO-free solution containing 40% pentaisomaltose for complete flexibility  
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What is Pentahibe?
Uncompromising safety and quality

PentaHibe is a safe and effective alternative to higher concentrations of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) for the cryopreservation of cells and tissues and can be used at any stage of a cell therapy application.

Cryoprotective agents minimise damage to biological material during the freezing process. For decades, 10% DMSO has been the standard in cryopreservation media. Recent studies show that this standard concentration of 10% DMSO has a cellular toxicity level that can induce epigenetic changes, and cause adverse reactions in patients such as headache, nausea, vomiting, and bradycardia. It also has a strong and offensive odour. For these reasons, there is a growing demand for cryoprotective agents with no or low levels of DMSO.

The key component in PentaHibe is pentaisomaltose, a patented, non-penetrating carbohydrate-based cryoprotective agent that

reduces or even eliminates the use of DMSO – without compromising on safety and efficacy. And it conforms to the European Pharmacopeia (EP) and US Pharmacopeia (USP).

With PentaHibe, you gain access to comprehensive documentation for quality assurance throughout the entire development process—from cell therapy research to clinical testing and production. More than just a supplier, we are a partner offering regulatory advice and support. This includes assistance with registration, filings with authorities, and regulatory submissions.

PentaHibe is optimised for the cryopreservation of hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, T cells, CHO cells and HEK cells, making it an important step towards improving safety for patients around the world.

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Pharmacosmos is the world leader in the production and supply of carbohydrates used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or excipients in final formulations. Pharmacosmos carbohydrates are incorporated into several small-molecule drugs and biologics approved by the FDA.

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