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A ready-to-use cryopreservation medium containing 10% pentaisomaltose and 2% DMSO, PentaHibe Complete can be used with a range of cell types.

For cell-based therapies
For other cell lines


A natural carbohydrate-based cryoprotective agent, PentaHibe Base is a safe and effective alternative to dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) for cryopreservation of cells.

When used as sole cryoprotective agent
For custom-made formulations
Ref 1: Svalgaard JD et al. Cell Transplantation, 2018 Sept; Vol 27(9): 1407-1412
Pentaisomaltose, An Alternative To DMSO. Engraftment Of Cryopreserved Human CD34+ Cells In Immunodeficient NSG Mice
Ref 2: Svalgaard JD et al. Transplantation and Cellular Engineering, 2016 May; Vol 56(5): 1088-1095
Low Molecular Weight Carbohydrate Pentaisomaltose May Replace Dimethyl Sulfoxide As A Safer Cryoprotectant For Cryopreservation Of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells
Ref 4: Haastrup EK et al. Transplantation and Apheresis Science, 2021; Vol 60(4): 103138
DMSO (Me2SO) Concentrations Of 1-2% In Combination With Pentaisomaltose Are Effective For Cryopreservation Of T Cells
Ref 5: Svalgaard JD et al. Cryobiology, 2020; Vol 96(01): 207-213
Cryopreservation Of Adipose Derived Stromal/Stem Cells Using 1–2% Me2SO (DMSO) In Combination With Pentaisomaltose: An Effective And Less Toxic Alternative To Comparable Freezing Media
Cryopreservation protocol using Pentahibe Complete
Protocol for DMSO-free cryopreservation of HPC(A) products
Protocol for DMSO-reduced cryopreservation using 10% Pentahibe Base, 2% DMSO and 4% albumin
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